Weekly Features

Wing Wednesdays - ALL DAY

Traditional .85 each |  Boneless .75 each

Spaghetti Thursdays

Meat or marinara sauce with house or caesar salad $10  - or -  Our Open-faced Spaghetti with meat or marinara sauce and house or caesar salad $10

- Weekly Menu Features -

At Foot of the Mountain Cafe we love experimenting with new weekly features. So treat your taste buds to our latest dishes before they're gone!


Jim's Wonder Burger

A dedication to Brian's Paw-Paw. Cheddar cheese, garlic mayo, fried potato chips and our pink pineapple sauce. Did someone say the next Williams Wonder? $11

The Texas Patterson Burger

Salsa, sour cream, chipotle ranch, Swiss cheese, bacon, Fritos and homemade guac make this burger a fiesta in your mouth! Served with one side. $12.25

West Coast Chicken Sandwich

Blackened chicken on a brioche bun topped with Swiss cheese, Fritos, chipotle ranch, salsa, sour cream and our homemade guac. Served with one side. $10

West Coast Chicken Wrap

Same as the sandwich but in a wrap. $10

- Soups -


Soup of the Day

Corn Chowder

Brian’s Award-Winning Chili Cup $3.75  |  Bowl $7  

Grilled Cheese cup of soup $5.75

Grilled Cheese & House or Caesar Salad $7

Soup & Salad Combo $8.75

Your choice of soup cup and House or Caesar salad

Baked Potato & Soup $6.25

Baked Potato & House or Caesar Salad $8


- Desserts -

Jay’s Bread Pudding

chocolate cake with almonds.

Coconut cake